August - December 2023

SewSweeties is a stationery company that brings the fan experience from real life to 2D, by using photo collage to sew together images. The Ghibli Collection has a total of 5 sticker packs, 5 memo pads, 5 washi tapes, and a sticky tab set. Each in a cute hand sewn style.

Sticker designs are inspired by the creator's personal wardrobe to craft heart-warming depictions of animated classics: Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle.


Illustration, Layout, Print-Media


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


  • 5 Stickers Packs

  • 5 Memo Pads

  • 5 Washi Tapes

  • Sticky Tab Set


Pictured above is a collage of what items made up Ponyo's outfit. This is to provide an idea of how the photos were manipulated and edited to create each item.

Sticker Packs

Each pack is modeled after the heroine and her belongings. There is a total of 6 big stickers plus tiny monochromatic stickers that match the movie's theme.

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Memo Pads

Each memo pad is themed to a reminder that the heroine would find helpful. For example, Kiki's Delivery Service utilizes a weekly plan because Kiki is a delivery witch.

Washi Tape

Each tape uses elements that are featured on the sticker pack to create a continuous patterned tape.

Pull Tabs

The sticky tab pack features a big-eyed friend from each Ghibli movie.


From this semester long project I learned several things about being an artist and also small business owner such as originality, inspiration, and passion.


  • I learned how if you have a unique idea you will have people to support you along every step.

  • As an artist, I had to innovate to develop new methods to create something that I had never done before, nor had any of my peers


  • Look to what your original media is and pick what aspects you like.

  • Then look at other style's and choose what parts stand out to you.

  • Find a way to combine the two to create a style that is uniquely yours.


  • For a project that has such a broad scope, it is important to have a deep love and respect for your topic.

  • I have been a Ghibli fan since grade school and knew I wanted to reflect on the movies in ways that other fans would think "Wow! That's just like that one thing from the movie."

  • Always strive to learn new things. To push myself. To not be afraid to take the next step: such as physically making several of these pieces and opening on an Etsy shop as part of the project.

Grace Milewski