Cattle Chatter

February - March 2021

"Cattle Chatter" is a hypothetical brand that is dedicated to ending the practice of factory farming. They aim to start conversations about the issues regarding factory farming with proceeds from each purchase going towards the Free-Range Foundation.


Illustration, Packaging, Print-Media


Photoshop, Illustrator


  • T-Shirt Packaging

  • T-Shirt Illustration

  • Mockups


This was a two step process with the first step focusing on an illustration about a social cause. Then creating a brand and packaging for that shirt.


The packaging imitates a milk carton and the t-shirt is rolled into a circle inside. The pouring image shows the edge of the t-shirt spilling out as if it were milk.


The mockups are other products used by the brand to further their image. The left image shows the table menu of a cafe that Cattle Chatter runs. The right image shows the mug that the cafe would utilize.


This was a project I did when I was first starting Graphic Design but I learned some important principles that I still apply to this day such as reflection, mockups, color theory.


  • Even though there are changes I would make to this project today, I still appreciate how proud of it I was when I made it.

  • It is important to recognize your starting point so you can see how much you have grown.


  • If possible, always make a mockup yourself and experiment with different ways to photograph it.

  • Action shots are a lot more impactful then blank white backgrounds.

Color theory:

  • When I made this project I did not have a strong understanding of color theory which is why it seems so monochromatic.

  • Now I would utilize different shades to make the cows stand out and reflect the logo colors in the illustration.

Grace Milewski