Garden Growing Kit

October - December 2022; April 2023

The "Garden Growing Kit" is designed to be an educational tool used by teachers in the classroom or as a take home activity. It teaches about the food inequality crisis In Gainesville, FL with an infographic. Followed with a "How To: Grow Your Own Garden" pamphlet as well as a bag of "Yaya Carrot" seeds attached on the back to get started. It utilizes resources teachers already have, such as egg cartons and empty toilet rolls, to create their own garden while providing helpful gardening tips to teach kids about the magic of nature.


Illustration, Layout, Print-Media


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


  • Food Inequality Infographic

  • How To Pamphlet

  • Yaya Carrot Packet

  • Garden Growing Kit Carton

Food Inequality Infographic

This infographic discusses the issue of food inequality with a special lens on the Gainesville community.

How To Pamphlet

The die-cut pamphlet uses information collected from the infographic to create an easy guide on how to start your own classroom garden.

Yaya Seed Packet

The seed packet is placed on the back of the "How To Pamphlet" and provides seeds to start growing in the classroom.

Garden Growing Kit Carton

A carton is utilized as an eco-friendly and sustainable way to teach students about gardening in a small area.


This project stretched two semesters and I even revisited it later on to make improvements - and from that work I learned the importance of expansion, research, and impact.


  • This was originally only an infographic. That inspired me to create a potential solution to help reduce food inequality.

  • In a different class, I was tasked with creating a seed packet design and knew I could expand more on this project.

  • Always think of ways how you can make improvements by revisiting previous projects to make changes/updates.


  • An infographic condenses and displays information in a way that is digestible to the reader.

  • Research the topic well.  The information used must be relevant and reliable to be shared.


  • I wanted this project to create positive change so I considered what kind of deliverable could be usable and how it would be used

  • As a designer, you must think of the impact your designs will have on the world.

  • Be satisfied and confident about your work before sharing it with others.

Grace Milewski